• Marina Andree Škop
  • Documentary
  • 2009
  • 66:10
  • Feature
  • 15

Availability: Croatia / Subtitles: Eng


Sevdah is a feeling about life imbued with melancholy, yearning and beautiful sorrow. In Bosnia it is expressed through their traditional sad song – sevdalinka. The death of their mutual friend and lover of sevdalinka, Farah, has brought musician Damir and director Marina together. Trying to deal with their own loss and grief, they decide to create a film about sevdah. They create it as an emotional, musical, lyrical and visual journey through the soul of Bosnia, through their own emotions and memories.


Marina Andree Škop

Marina Andree Škop (1973., Sarajevo), together with her co-worker Darija Kulenović Gudan, established the Studio dim production company in 2001, through which they develop, produce and co-produce fiction and documentary films, TV serials and transmedia projects (Aleksi, Cover Page, Night Boats etc.). Her feature documentary debut Sevdah won the Audience Award at the 2009. Sarajevo Film Festival.

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