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Short film is explosive. It’s fast, concise, simple. A one-idea project. It is usually a small segment of someone’s world; a quick glance into one event, situation, adventure, romance. Just like a good literary short story, a short film pulls us in quickly, and regardless of its brevity, it can leave a lasting impression. In addition, short films plays an important role in the industry because they are usually the first step inside the film business. It is a perfect playground for young directors, scriptwriters, actors, editors and other film professionals. 

Realizing the importance of short film for the future of the industry, many feature-length film festivals have decided to dedicate a part of their program to the screening and promotion of short film.  Zagreb Film Festival joined in fifteen years ago, launching the Croatian short film competition program called Checkers. This extremely popular and well-visited film program has been one of the cornerstones for the promotion of young talents in the region. The Croatian Film portal expands on the Checkers selection, offering the viewers a more comprehensive insight into the Croatian short film production – anytime and anywhere! 

After several festival screenings, short films often disappear from the public eye. If you miss them at one of the local festivals, the chances of seeing them anywhere else are very small. This is not only a very sad destiny for our short films, but it is also very unfortunate for the viewers. Therefore, this platform was developed out of a desire to give them a new life online. We decided that it was the right time to start a unique website that would save our shorts from oblivion and you, our curious audience, from a lack of great films in your life!

This is a place to catch the latest news about Croatian cinema in one place, be updated on festivals with short film programs, keep track of up-and-coming or experienced film professionals, find out all about your favorite shorts made by established Croatian filmmakers through unique interviews and learn about successful production companies. Watch fantastic short films in HD, enjoy discovering new things about different directors or productions and log in to leave a comment or two for the films you really liked. The website is optimized for phones and tablets so you can watch the films on the tram on your way to work or between classes at university. And, of course, watching films on our Croatian Film portal is completely free of charge.  

Watch, read, comment and enjoy Croatian shorts! 

This website is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture as part of the Public Call for promoting entrepreneurship in cultural and creative industries and by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre as part of a Public Call for supporting complementary activities. The project holder is Zagreb Film Festival




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