Terms of Service


1.1 Artistic organization Zagreb Film Festival, Vukovarska Street 35a, Zagreb, VAT: 85305939367, is included in the Artistic Organizations Registry with the Ministry of Culture, under the number: UO-212/2 (hereinafter: “ZFF” or “we”), registered for the provision of on demand audiovisual media services via the website www.croatian.film, which contains the platform Croatian.film (hereinafter: “Website”) that allows the viewers to watch films and read news about domestic film production.

1.2. Before contracting any of our products or services offered at the Website, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with these Terms of Service (hereinafter: “Terms”). By visiting the Website and using the services on the Website, you agree to these Terms and all other regulations published on the Website, especially the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to amend or supplement these Terms and other regulations at any point. Said changes come into effect on the day they are published on the Website. By continuing to use the services on the Website, you agree to the above-described changes, therefore, we advise you to check for the latest updates from time to time.

1.3. A fair approach to Website visitors and clear contractual stipulations are part of our business principles, therefore, these Terms serve to regulate the use of our services via the Website, particularly with regard to consumer protection law. If you should have any questions regarding these Terms and other rules published on the Website, feel free to contact us at: info@croatian.film.


2.1. The services of the Website may be used by any person of legal age (hereinafter: “User” or “you”). The User may, in the capacity of visitor, view the content on the Website without the obligation of creating a user account. If the User wishes to use the services offered on the Website, they must create a user account and register by entering the required data into the system. If you are not of legal age or do not have legal capacity, we shall act in accordance with relevant legislation, which may include additional requests, such as obtaining parental consent or consent of a child’s legal representative and other actions. While using the Website and the services on the Website, we collect certain personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.         

2.2. These Terms comprise part of a distance contract, together with the description of the service and the fee for the service ordered, when applicable. During the steps of the order, the User confirms, prior to concluding the agreement, that they are familiar with and agree to the provisions of these Terms, the Privacy Policy and the pre-contractual notices contained in these Terms. In the process of creating a user account and completing the order, the User shall enter correct and complete data. The agreement is concluded once the User pays the fee for the service ordered, and in the case of service offered free of charge, the agreement is concluded in the moment of ordering said service, all in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and other relevant regulations. The responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of data provided in the moment of placing the order of a service lies with the User.   


3.1. We reserve the right, at any moment and without prior notice, to alter, postpone, limit access to or close the Website, any part of the Website or services offered through the Website. We reserve the right to monitor the content on the Website in order to ensure the compliance with these Terms and with the relevant regulations. We reserve the right to ban the User from further using the Website and to undertake other appropriate measures if the User violates these Terms, other Website rules, valid regulations, or in any other way hinders the functioning of the Website.      

3.2. By using the Website, we grant you limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable and revocable right to use the Website and its services for exclusively private purposes of a particular registered User, all in accordance with these Terms and other Website rules. The User is not authorized to publicly exhibit films available on the Website. By using the Website, the User assumes the responsibility for all actions performed on the Website and in relation to it. It is the obligation of the User to use the Website in accordance with these Terms, other Website rules, relevant regulations and general moral principles. The User specifically commits to not use the Website to cause harm to third parties, perform unlawful or unauthorized actions or violate any of the relevant regulations.       

3.3. The editorial content on the Website is our property. All content on the Website, including published films, columns, interviews and other authorial content is protected under intellectual property law and must not be published, reproduced, distributed or used in any way without explicit prior written consent of the copyright holder. The User is specifically prohibited from downloading data, copying, altering, editing, distributing, exhibiting, erasing, sending, selling, reselling, adapting or in any other way altering the content on the Website or of the exhibited films, columns, interviews and other copyright works or services of ZFF.       

3.4. By publishing your content on the Website, you grant us the right to use this content without any temporal or spatial limitations and without the obligation to pay a compensation for such use. We reserve the right to publish, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, translate and use such content in any other way. This does not apply to your personal data.  


4.1. The activation of a user account is free of charge. By activating your user account and/or using the Website, you assume the responsibility for all actions performed on the Website. One User may only have one user account. The use of names and titles owned by third parties is not permitted, whereas their use in another way is unlawful or harmful. We reserve the right to refuse to register a user, deactivate a user account and undertake other appropriate measures if you in any way violate these Terms and other Website rules or if you in any way slow down or hinder the functioning of the Website.      

4.2. You are obliged to safeguard the security of your user password. We are not responsible for the abuse of your password. If you report the misuse of your password, we shall immediately take appropriate action to protect your rights. You can report an abuse of your password in writing, at: info@croatian.film.    


5.1. We provide our services solely through the Website. The services we provide are audiovisual media services on demand. Only Users who have a registered user account and who sign in may watch the charge-based content. The films that are free of charge may be watched without registering a user account or signing in. The service is offered in a way that the User will be able to watch their chosen content upon payment of the fee for a particular film, in case of fee-based content, or in the case of free content, by simply choosing a particular film. The film material is limited to audiovisual and textual content in digital format. The services are provided via the VIMEO platform. The service is not delivered in physical format, but rather through the delivery of digital content. 

5.2. The services on the Website are represented by photographs and accompanying textual description that is instructive in nature. The User agrees to use our services based on a basic description, images and video materials – trailers, available on the Website. The Website clearly lists the characteristics of each selected film. The possible slight discrepancy between the description provided and the content of the film does not constitute a material flaw with regard to relevant regulations.  

5.3.If for any reason we are not able to provide any of the services in the case of charge-based content, we will immediately notify you of this and offer the possibility of canceling the requested service and refunding the amount paid, subsequent delivery of agreed service or replacement of this service for a service of your choice.


6.1. The User is free to browse the films available on the Website. By clicking on a particular film, the User becomes acquainted with the details about a film, such as the title, total fee for viewing, synopsis, country of origin, director, producer, duration, genre, awards received, reviews, etc. If the User decides to watch a particular charge-based film, they click on the VIMEO icon, and in the case of films that are free of charge, they simply click on the icon START FILM. In case of charge-based content, the order procedure then continues via the VIMEO platform.    

6.2. In case of charge-based content, in the next step, the User enters requested data and takes actions necessary for the completion of the agreement and delivery of selected service, all in accordance with relevant rules of the VIMEO platform. In order to request the service selected, the User must be signed into their VIMEO account or sign in using their Facebook or Google accounts. The User is able to see the content of the service ordered and the total fee before finalizing payment. After all the data has been provided and the actions have been taken, the User confirms their order by choosing the appropriate icon indicating this action. Upon completion of payment, the User is able to watch the selected film. The Website contains Instructions for viewing that include a technical description and the steps required to complete the action.   

6.3. In case of charge-based content, the User finalizes the payment for the ordered service on the VIMEO platform, using online payment by card or via PayPal, all in accordance with relevant rules of the VIMEO platform and other service providers. Given that the fee is not paid directly into a ZFF account, we are not able to provide a receipt for the service provided.   

7. FEES 

7.1. In case of charge-based content, the fee for providing services is expressed in accordance with VIMEO rules. The prices of services are subject to change up until the moment of contracting a particular service with a particular User, of which the User shall be notified in advance in a clear and comprehensible way. We reserve the right to offer discounts and special offers that are valid during a particular period of time. 

7.2. It is possible to watch certain films on the Website free of charge.  


8.1. By activating your user account, you will be granted access to the users-only section of the Website, to which other Users have access and where each User can see the user name and content posted by other Users. In the user-only section of the Website, the Users can rate and comment the films that they have watched.    

8.2.Users are personally responsible for their interaction and communication with other Uses and agree that such interaction and communication is not confidential in nature, therefore, we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to monitor the communication between Users that occurs through the Website. You undertake to respect our warnings and guidelines related to the forementioned. We are not accountable for the content published by the Users. All posts, messages, texts, renderings, photographs, videos and other content published on, forwarded or linked to the Website are the sole responsibility of the person from whom the content originated. We reserve the right to erase, edit or move any content on the Website at our discretion and without prior warning. All disputes that may arise from the interaction between Users are resolved solely between the Users. We are not accountable for the damage incurred as a result of this interaction.


9.1. It is the sole responsibility of the User to arrange all technical requirements needed for using our services, such as the appropriate viewing device, software and internet access. The films are shown in the original language, which includes foreign languages.   

9.2. In accordance with valid regulations, we assume responsibility for the shortcomings of services which can be contracted through the Website in case of charge-based content. Since this involves the delivery of digital content exhibited via the VIMEO platform, such responsibility is practically limited.  

9.3. Access to the Website may occasionally be temporarily unavailable due to Website maintenance or the introduction of new content to the Website. We shall try to eliminate such circumstances as soon as possible. We are not accountable for the possible damage incurred to the User due to technical issues, actions of IT service providers, VIMEO platform functionality, the functionality of the online payment system and other circumstances beyond our control. We have no possibility of supervision over these pages nor are we responsible for the accuracy, completeness and availability of content, or for the products and services on the websites of third parties.     

9.4. To the greatest degree allowed under relevant regulations, we are not responsible for any damages that the User may suffer by using or relying on any part of the content published on the Website. In case of any damage claims from third parties related to the content you provided or the actions you took or failed to take, you undertake to assume the entire share of responsibility for such damage and to take all necessary actions in order to remove all responsibility from us, as well as indemnify all our expenses that may occur as a result of such claims by third parties. 


10.1. The relationship between ZFF and the User is regulated by the regulations of the Republic of Croatia.   

10.2. The User has the right to lodge a complaint about any issue related to the fulfillment of this agreement or if this is specifically stipulated by regulations. The complaint should be lodged in writing and sent to the e-mail address: info@croatian.film or a letter should be sent to the address indicated in Article 1.1 of these Terms. We shall respond to the complaint in writing no later than 15 days from receiving the official complaint. The User has the right to a unilateral termination of this agreement if it is so stipulated under the Consumer Protection Act.    

10.3. You are hereby notified about the obligation of resolving consumer disagreements through competent alternative dispute resolution body. If a particular dispute cannot be resolved directly upon the written complaint of the User, ZFF shall in its the response notify the User about the resolution of the issue by means of the competent body for alternative resolution of consumer disputes, along with a written statement about the possibility of initiating a procedure before said bodies and about whether it intends to initiate such a procedure. In the alternative, the court in Zagreb has jurisdiction over the dispute.