Searching for a Word

  • Dražen Žerjav , Tena Trstenjak
  • Experimental
  • 2019
  • 6:49
  • Short length


Homage to Vladimir Petek's 1963 film "Encounters". Playing gender roles, ways of perceiving a woman as an object, a man as an observer, and finally by reversing those roles. The authors make an audio recording of the editing process that gives an insight into the process of their interventions in image and rhythm. The film was shot and edited through mutual interaction, communication and observation of two people in a romantic relationship.


Dražen Žerjav

After studying Journalism, Dražen Žerjav has been working mainly as a cinematographer and editor of documentaries and short films and as a menthor in various film workshops. He is employed at Kinoklub Zagreb as a technical secretary.

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Tena Trstenjak

After studying Comparative literature and German language and culture, Tena Trstenjak started working in the film industry. She is currently working in the Association 25 FPS as the coordinator of the association and selector of the Festival 25 FPS and in the production company Dinaridi Film as a producer.

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