Zagrebačke Priče vol. 2

  • Grupa autora 2.
  • Feature
  • 2012
  • 98:57
  • Feature
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The success of the Zagreb Stories omnibus film, produced by Propeler Film in 2009, inspired the decision to make a follow-up film. Propeler Film invited screenwriters to submit scripts on 17 May 2010 for Zagreb Stories 2 – Love. This time around, the producers received as many as 142 scripts. The selection committee had a tough task choosing the six scripts that will be included in the new omnibus film. Six very different filmmakers will offer six intriguing perspectives on love in contemporary Zagreb.


Grupa autora 2.

Hana Veček | Sara Hribar | Aldo Tardozzi | Ivan Sikavica | Josip Visković | Radislav Jovanov Gonzo

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