Thank you 50 thousand times!

Pročitaj sve
April 4th, 2020

Films at platform reach 50 thousand views

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that Croatian short films have been viewed 50 thousand times since the platform launch. We are also recording a high number of visits to the platform, with a total of 68 thousand unique users, who have visited the website 400 thousand times. The greatest number of visits to the website have been from Croatia, Serbia, USA, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The top ten most-watched films are: Gamer girl (Irena Jukić Pranjić, 2016), Smart Girls (Sonja Tarokić and Hana Jušić, 2010), Do You Have a Story? (Dario Juričan, 2010), Playing the Tiger (Jasna Nanut, 2015), White Room (Mladen Stanić, 2018), Mary (Juraj Primorac, 2017), Thin Air (Šimun Šitum, 2016), Milk and Honey (Marko Jukić, 2016), Counter-offensive (Jakov Nola, 2017) and The Marjan Hill Day (Igor Jelinović, 2015).

Thank you sincerely for watching, supporting and enjoying Croatian short films!